edge connector rarity [was Re: HP9836C colour alignment (grey scale

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Tue Oct 7 14:33:37 CDT 2008

>> [...DIMM sockets vs SIMM sockets...]
> OK. In which case I'd class a DIMM socket as a particular type of
> edge connector

Okay, so edge connectors are very far from dead.  Which was where I
really was tryign to go with this. :-)

> (admittedly if I wanted to buy one, I'd ask for a 'DIMM socket' and
> not 'An edge connector with <foo> number-of-pins at <bar> pitch').

Especially since DIMM sockets have keying fins which match up with
notches in the DIMMs - somewhat like the 3.3V-vs-5V notches in PCI
cards.  (There are at least some 6 or 8 different DIMM sockets by the
time you account for different voltage, buffering or not, desktop vs
laptop, DDR vs pre-DDR, SODIMM, etc...my impression is it's a bit of a
mess.  One thing, at least, that everyone seems to agree on when it
comes to peecee memory: if it fits mechanically, it might not work, but
trying it won't fry anything.)

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