Unusual software carriers. (Was :Vinyl Data- Classic Computers )

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Philippa Forrester was a presenter around 1993/4. I admittedly lost interest in the show after she left as it had become more about medical advances and less about electronics by then.

It's a shame that there are no longer shows like it on TV. Sure there are gadget shows (eg. The Gadget Show) and stuff, but nothing that actually showed you how it worked from a technical standpoint.

It's why list's like this are so useful, and enjoyable, to be part of.

Andrew B
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On 08/10/2008 01:47, Andrew Burton wrote:
> I remember Tomorrows World (and various presenters... Philippa
> Forrester, Judith someone, Howard Stableford etc.) and having various
> things demonstrated on it.

Judith Hann.  I don't remember Philippa Forrester being on it but I do 
remember Maggie Philbin.

Perhaps the flashing-square software was in the earlier era of Raymond 
Baxter and James Burke (which I also remember).

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