Mona Lisa

Roger Holmes roger.holmes at
Thu Oct 9 13:52:02 CDT 2008

> From: Mike Loewen <mloewen at>
>    Does anyone here have the source code for the program (FORTRAN?)  
> which
> produced the large Mona Lisa printout on the 1403?  The one I  
> remember had
> 3 or 4 printouts taped together.  Have any of the card decks survived?

I don't have it in Fortran nor for IBM but I think I have a deck of  
cards for my ICT 1301 which produces a two or three page printout,  
printing across the perforations. At the moment, I don't have a 100%  
working card reader and I'm in the process of selling my spare 1301 so  
all my 'spare' time is used up trying to put back together a 5 ton jig- 
saw I dismantled over 30 years ago. At least I have an assembled one  
for reference but I keep finding differences between the two machines,  
one being the first one to leave the factory and the other probably  
being one of the last.

I hope to make all my 1301 software, including the Mona Lisa, Snoopy,  
the lady on a stool etc available online sometime together with some  
of my many manuals and a simulator which will run on a Mac. Will need  
to find someone to host the archive in perpituity, maybe BitSavers  
would be willing to do it, but I haven't got the data off the Ampex  
ten track tapes yet.

Roger Holmes
ICT 1301 S/N 006 and a cut and shut of 075 and 159.

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