Textual LCDs on servers (was Re: NEC SX-4B on Ebay)

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Sat Oct 11 11:19:33 CDT 2008

> > > If I had a Cray at my disposal, I'd probably give LCDproc
> > > <http://www.lcdproc.org/> a try
> >
> > Well, at least some of the SGI Origin machines had a LCD like this in
> > every node, diplaying various things like CPU utilization etc..
> Interesting.  The largest/newest SGI machines I ever got to play
> with were Onyx and Crimson boxes.
> Could you access the LCD from user-land processes, or was there
> always a system monitor running on them?

The Apple Network Servers have a user-accessible LCD. There is an LCDproc
for them, but ANS AIX will let you drive it directly with the lcdstring
command. root has this in my 500's crontab:

* * * * * /usr/bin/uptime | /usr/sbin/lcdstring

The function of this should be obvious :)

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