Code reviewers sought for Lilith emulator.

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Oct 13 16:17:13 CDT 2008

> Dialog boxes for "Ooops, the emulator died." or "are you sure you
> want to destroy what you were working on", and so forth.

A good example of...well, not policy imposed by a toolkit, but
certainly promtped by one.  It drives me absolutely up the wall to get
dialog boxes for things like those; I would say they belong as messages
to, or prompts-and-reads in, the emulator console.  (Actually, the
second example I would say depends.  If the command that's being
confirmed was issued in a pointy-clicky way, the confirmation should be
pointy-clicky; if the command was typed into the console, the
confirmation should be there too.)  But it feels almost as if the
author thought "oh, the toolkit has dialog boxes, I have to use them",
rather than actually thinking about the UI design.

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