PET composite video adapter

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Tue Oct 14 15:53:12 CDT 2008

Gordon JC Pearce MM3YEQ wrote:
> I remember having a similar conversation with my 'O' Grade Physics 
> teacher in high school, about how a 1F capacitor would be huge and 
> impractical.  "Hang on a sec", I thought, "I've got 1000uF capacitors 
> and they're about the size of my thumb.  My Dad's got 10000uF 
> capacitors for his audio amps, and they're the size of a coke can.  I 
> reckon 100 such capacitors would fit in my schoolbag, at worst..."
> And that's how I learned that school wasn't going to teach me anything 
> useful, or basically true. 
All charged up for the the teacher to hold... ;)
> All
> Gordon

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