"scrap" auction...

Nick Jarmany Nick.Jarmany at quixant.co.uk
Tue Oct 14 08:53:14 CDT 2008

>> Anybody recognize the board in this lot:
>> 120314777595
>> transputer maybe?  I hope the bidder isn't really going
>> to reclaim the obvious "pounds" of gold on it.
>The logo on top of each post looks like the Fairchild logo. The numbers

>suggest a date of 1976, but it looks *very* high tech for something of

I'm certainly no expert on mainframes, but I do recognise a Fujitsu logo
when I see one. So, my money is on this being a board out of a Fujitsu
mainframe computer. Chips like that, with cooling towers etc....  Maybe
ECL logic?

I remember many years ago visiting Fujitsu's main development location.
The whole of the basement was constructed as a museum of all Fujitsu
major products over the years, including tons of computer stuff. I
remember marvelling at PCBs with 20+ signal layers and integral fluid
cooling etc, in the days when most PCBs were only double sided or 4
layers at best. Fascinating stuff!

I suspect the winner of the auction has got himself something that would
have cost major $$$ when new.

Nick Jarmany 

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