PET composite video adapter

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Tue Oct 14 17:46:24 CDT 2008

>>> Just how much energy can one of these hold (what is its rated
>>> voltage?)
>> I have no idea , but 2 volts feels right.
> What?  That answer is nonsense.
> Voltage and energy are two very different things, as you must know.

Yes.  Two questions were asked (one of them parenthetical); the answer
given answers one of them (but only that one, at least directly).

It's not all _that_ difficult to work out the energy given the voltage
and capacitance: joules equals farads times volts squared, which gives
me 10.8kJ for 2.7kF at 2V.  Kilojoules to watt-hours is a factor of
3.6, so 10.8kJ is 3WH.  So, assuming a 100% efficient converter that
works at any nonzero input voltage (which is admittedly unrealistic),
it will run a hypothetical legacy machine drawing 1A at 5V
of an hour, which is thirty-six minutes.

Or, it'll juice a 100W light bulb for 108 seconds.

(Um.  Farads times volts squared.  What is a squared volt?  I suppose
it's a bit like the squared seconds involved in acceleration.)

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