Interesting X terminals (was: NEC SX-4B on Ebay)

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Oct 15 12:56:45 CDT 2008

> > I think I've mentioned before that I have an old Xterminal that uses and 
> > 80188 for I/O (keyboard, mouse, serial port, ethernet, etc) but runs the 
> > Xserver on the (TMS34010) video chip.
> Tony, do you have pictures or techie docs on this thing?  It sounds

IIRC it's called a 'Princeton Ultra-X'

No photos, but I''ll try to describe it (from memory). It's a 'pizza box' 
style of case, about 12" square and3" high, obviosuly designed to go 
under a monitor. It uses standard-ish PC peripherals, the monitor is a 
VGA one (DE15 conenctor), the keyboard connecotr is a 5 pin DIN socket -- 
a PC/AT keyboard works, but I rememebr some issues (keys not in the right 
place or something), and IIRC one of the setup meuus has a selection for 
'Microsoft' or 'Logitech' mouse (the mouse port is a DE9 plug, wired as a 
PC/AT RS232 port).  Just as well, as all I have is the unit iteslf, with 
none of the original peripherals.

There are 5 PCBs inside the case. One just holds 2 LEDs. Another is the 
SMPSU. Which leaves 3 boards for digital stuff. One has the 80188 and 
peripheral interface chips -- I forget the details, but theu're all 
pretty standard. Another has The TMS34010, RAMDAC and lots of RAM on it. 
And the last is a daughterboard for that one and contains 10 or so EPROMs 
containing the XSerer and fonts.

I don;t have any official docs, but I might be able to find a schematic 
for it.


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