PET composite video adapter

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Oct 15 12:50:13 CDT 2008

> >>> Just how much energy can one of these hold (what is its rated
> >>> voltage?)
> >> I have no idea , but 2 volts feels right.
> > What?  That answer is nonsense.
> > Voltage and energy are two very different things, as you must know.
> Yes.  Two questions were asked (one of them parenthetical); the answer
> given answers one of them (but only that one, at least directly).
> It's not all _that_ difficult to work out the energy given the voltage
> and capacitance: joules equals farads times volts squared, which gives

THe energy in a capacitor is actually (1/2)*C*V^2. Basically, you have to 
consider charging the capacitor in small increments (dQ at a time) and 
effectively do the integral.


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