computer graphics in the 1950s

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Fri Oct 17 14:31:40 CDT 2008

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> > Which is MUCH more fun.
> ...for one person had at the expense of many subscribers.
> Honestly I don't know what it is about email that makes people think
> its fun to be an asshole.

Actually, with the exception of the Jacquard loom (which I would argue is 
controlled by a sequencer and not a computer, since it doesn't have any 
read/write storage for variables or conditional branching', I've found 
the other answers to be interesting and sensible. Certianly things have 
been menitoned that i'd not really heard of before.

And yes, I tend to be pedantic, both in e-mail and face-to-face. Before 
trying to answer a question (or solve a problem, or whatever), I like to 
be sure I know exactly what is being asked. 


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