Q on 3.5" Sony floppy drive

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Oct 17 19:52:19 CDT 2008

Tony Duell wrote:
>> I have MP-F17W-50L
>> I've tried to use this on a PC (long time ago), and it wouldn't work.
> IU assume it therefore has PC-like connectors (34 pin data, 4 pin power). 
> This is not always the case with old Sony drives, the earlier ones have a 
> 26 pin data connector (along with a normal 4 pin power connecotr), I've 
> also worked on ones with a 34 pin combined pwoer and data connector

34 pin connector, 4 pin power.

> Is there a visible number -- it'll start with 'FC' on the PCB?
There are 2 PCBs... soldered together.  One for motor (primarily),
and one 'interface'.  The interface has 1-627-945-12 and LG-13
on it. 
> When you say 'it wouldn't work', did it do anything?Would the spindle 
> motor start? The heads move? 
PC didn't see it... no activity.  It has been a long time though.

The person who got them worked at Codex.  He brought back
the schematic of the floppy interface of the device.  We
compared that up and there seemed to be some differences.
We tried making an 'adapter' cable... but had no luck either.

At the time though we were pretty novice in that area....

I have 4 of these  and if they can be used I'd prefer not to
toss 'em.  Seem like nice quality.

-- Curt

> Some of the Sony drives turned at 600 rpm (not the nromal 300 rpm of PC 
> drives). Having got the right equipment here, I'd stick it on an 
> excerciser and measure the frequency of the index pulses. But I guess you 
> don't have the stuff to do that.
> -tony

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