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> Subject: PDX surplus stores was: Great day at Tek
> > I assume he means the "Tek Country Store" which has operated in various
> > locations since at least the early 70's.  Last I heard it is somewhere on
> > the Beaverton Tek Campus (is that the only one left?), and is only open once
> > a month.  I for one would love to know the current info on it.
> It is the Tektronix surplus store, generally selling surplus of what
> they use not what they make.
> Sounds like I have to go back also. I used to enjoy the store, the
> wait before the door opens, the polite run and exploring the stuff.
> A quick google search brought up this on  the Portland robotics web site.
> Tektronix Country Store
> Beaverton Campus Building 38 Loading Dock (East side of building).
> 503-627-6769
> Public Hours: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 2-4pm
> www.tek.com/ir/bv_map.html
> People start lining up before opening to get the best stuff (including
> the commercial surplus store owners). Now including Tek equipment for
> sale, too!
> When I did it I was one of those commercial surplus store
> owners..........And they mention test equipment has been added.
> Another store on the Robotics list is:
> SurplusGizmos
> 5797 NW Cornelius Pass Road
> Hillsboro Oregon 97124
> Warehouse: 503-439-1249
> Mobile: 503-345-9187
> Hours:
> Wednesday and Friday 11am to 6pm
> Saturday 11am to 5pm
> surplusgizmos.com
> Surplus stuff with an online store.
> Anyone been there? I have yet to make it.
> Paxton
> -- 
> Paxton Hoag
> Astoria, OR

Yea I visited Surplus Gizmos too, last week.

Good prices, lots of weird and vintage testgear.
Lots of components
Great robotics and positioner stuff, complete stepper assemblies from the fabs (presumably intel)
I found an un released P4 motherboard, Intel Engineering sample, in the box with all the docs and CD
Bought a Toshiba Microcontroller Eval Kit, including IAR C compiler and CMX realtime kernel for $20
Old databooks, tech books were $1.  I got Packet Video Modeling and Signal Processing, and the old GE Transistor manual
Theres a plug in area, to test stuff before you buy
Tons and tons of scrap PCB's, motherboards $1 each
Some kid stuff, comercial science toys and tools, robotic kits.

I recommend a stop in, it was fun.

For books, and a nice display of old PC's including an IMSAI, TRS-80, Comodore and a homebrew, dont forget Powells Tech Books downtown.  They have all these museum pieces in a window display, and the shelves underneath are loaded with old homebrew style microprossessor boooks (Zaks chips to systems, The Z-80 cookbook etc.)  Hundreds of mixed titles. most 2-10 dollars.

Randy Dawson 

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