PDX surplus stores was: Great day at Tek

Vincent Slyngstad vrs at msn.com
Sat Oct 18 12:49:49 CDT 2008

From: "Paxton Hoag" 
> Another store on the Robotics list is:
> SurplusGizmos
> 5797 NW Cornelius Pass Road
> Hillsboro Oregon 97124

I've been there many times.  I bought my digital calipers there, and 
a friend likes to buy their small end-mill bits there, from the small 
tools and stuff in the glass counters.  They have a nice selection of 
switches, connectors, resistors, and other small parts.  I've also 
purchased a number of things from their selection of small boards and 
whatnot for $.50 to $2.  I've seen lots of Z80 SBC's there in the past, 
and a number of boards with socketed SRAM as well.  (Which is amusing, 
as the SRAM removed from the boards is sold in the small parts area 
for about the same price per chip as for a board of the stuff.)  I 
haven't bought much of the test equipment or manufacturing robotics, 
as I don't need it.  I did buy a bunch of those fancy ZIF sockets that 
fit all kinds of different chips (which appear to be meant as shippers; 
they have all the pins grounded, and a hard plastic case).

Loads of fun :-)!

> Hours:
> Wednesday and Friday 11am to 6pm
> Saturday 11am to 5pm

Hmm.  I went there a couple weeks ago on a Tuesday, I thought.  I knew 
they were closed on Mondays -- have they closed on more days of the 
week recently?


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