Wanted: some HP 9000/3xx bits

Steven M Jones classiccmp at crash.com
Mon Oct 20 04:48:36 CDT 2008

I just received what I believe is an HP 9000/380 (thanks Stan!), details 
below. I'd like to get hold of the following:

	- Any 98229 RAM (4, 8, or 16MB)
	  (or Kingston KTH400t/16, Dataram DRH9400 or 69310/69311)
	- A 3-button HP-HIL mouse
	- A 98550A framebuffer (or something compatible that'll
	  do 1280x1024 with at least 8 bit color - SRX would be grand)
	- matching SCSI disk enclosure

What I've got is:

	98574Y enclosure - classic 9000/3xx look
	98574-66511 rev C system board (25MHz 68040, 1818-5062 ROM)
	  w/ 2 98229C 4MB memory cards (98229-66521)
	98549A Catseye framebuffer (1024x768, 6 bits)
	98626A RS-232 Serial Port (DIO-I ?) card

	46021A HP-HIL keyboard (courtesy Weirdstuff Warehouse)

Can try for trades, but a lot of my stuff is inaccessible these days so 
cash-equivalents may be easier.


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