Terminals available in West Sussex, UK

paul at frixxon.co.uk paul at frixxon.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 04:26:20 CDT 2008

I've been taking an inventory of my storage and the following terminals
need to go, free to anyone who can come and pick them up. I don't have the
time or inclination to ship them. Take one, take ten, I need them gone in
the next month. These were all working when put into storage.

Sorry, these are the dull ones. There will be more interesting ones later.

4 x VT320 (1 x -B3, 3 x -C3)
3 x VT420 (2 x -A4, 1 x -B4)
1 x VT510-B4
8 x VT520 (4 x -A4, 3 x -B4, 1 x -C4)

> 13 x LK201 keyboards
> 10 x LK401 keyboards

approx. 20 Wyse WY-420 terminals + keyboards

1 x LA100-BB DEC Letterwriter 100
1 x DECserver 200/MC
1 x Wyse WY-50 + keyboard

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