Teletype Model 43 ribbons (and old ribbons in general...)

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Tue Oct 21 09:54:44 CDT 2008

I looked a while back, because I also have a KSR43.  There was one company that listed them but, when I ordered them, they informed me they no longer had some component or another and refunded my money.  I'll see if I can find the reference again - maybe market forces (TWO customers!) would be stronger incentive.  :-)
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Subject: Teletype Model 43 ribbons (and old ribbons in general...)

Hey --

Stumbled across an old Teletype ksr-43 this weekend and couldn't pass it
up.  Seems to be working but the ribbon's (obviously) dried up.  Was
considering re-inking it but it's so worn through in places it's about
to fall apart.

Can't find anyplace on the 'net that still stocks them (lots of them
/list/ it, though, which is annoying).  Anyone have any leads?

And while I'm on the subject -- anyone have any good leads for old
typewriter ribbons?  I have an old L.C. Smith Bros typewriter that's in
need of one...

Thanks as always (and still working on the Otrona Attache...),

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