Teletype Model 43 ribbons (and old ribbons in general...)

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Tue Oct 21 12:34:13 CDT 2008

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> Can't find anyplace on the 'net that still stocks them (lots of them 
> /list/ it, though, which is annoying).  Anyone have any leads?

A guy apparently found a case of ribbons and was selling them on ebay
for a while.  He had them at $15 ea. IIRC.  I ended up purchasing two.
He wouldn't reduce the per-unit price if I bought several of them.  He
claimed that lots of people were willing to buy them, so there was no
need to reduce his price.  My regular ebay searches turned up him
lowering the price after I bought two at $15 ea.  Grrr.  The seller's
ebay id is mikesdavis -- he has some vintage gear up for sale now, but
not the ribbons.
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