Graphical developement environment for PDP-11

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I tried it on Ubuntu with Wine and on Vista - both places, I get a never-ending stream of assertions, all with the same message: "Assertion fehlges (c:\progs\pdp11gui\FormExecuteU.pas, Zeile 134)".  FWIW -- Ian

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Sorry about that - try again... ;-)
Here's a message on behalf of Joerg Hoppe (currently having trouble
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I developed a graphical developement environment for PDP-11's.
It's name is "PDP11GUI".

Since it is spreading on the net already, I'm forced to announce it early.
Status is "mostly beta".

I begun building it in spring 2008 as a tool for my own 11/44
restauration project,
but it quickly developed it's own momentum.

Key features:
- interfaces to 11/44 and SimH, ODT interface is under development.
- interfaces through physical COM ports or via telnet.
- visual display and manipulation of memory content
- symbolic display and manipulation of I/O registers and bits.
- can assemble and deposit MACRO-11 programs
- can Run/Stop/Single step through code, displays execution position in
source code and/or disassembly
- can also be operated through photorealistic simulated PDP11/70 panel.
- I/O page register scanner
- Memory loader
- 11/44 micro code display
- MS Windows MDI application.
- Free for non-commercial use.

It is free for non-commercial use, download at

Mandatory documentation at


Joerg Hoppe

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