Tru64 5.1 ISO

Alexandre Lagüe-Jacques alexandre.laguejacques at
Wed Oct 22 09:35:49 CDT 2008

I'm sorry, according to the release notes of 5.1A, the Turbochannel architecture is *not* excluded. (To be exact, it is not included in the "retired hardware" section.)

So 5.1A would do.

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Alexandre Lagüe-Jacques wrote:

> Hello all,
> Does anyone here have a copy of Tru64 5.1? I need to get the last version 
> that supported the Turbochannel architecture (i.e. DEC 3000 AXP and friends) 
> and 5.1A and 5.1B have dropped it if I understand correctly.
> I'd take care of the licencing of course... I just need an ISO or something.
> Thanks!
> - Alex

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