QUME DT/8 - anyone have a manual/schematic for this?

Jonathan Gevaryahu jzg22 at drexel.edu
Mon Oct 27 22:40:46 CDT 2008

Jonathan Gevaryahu wrote:
> I have a Qume DT-8 8" DS drive here which I'm trying to restore/repair 
> to dump a number of 8" floppies, but I lack the manual and schematic 
> for it, and I have no idea what the pinout for the data/power/spindle 
> drive/etc connectors is. It doesn't use a standard shugart connector 
> for data at least, its a 50-pin thing, so I'll need to make some sort 
> of pinout converter once I know the proper pinout. The 2 terminators 
> are both installed.
> I do know the drive needs 5v and 24v to run, and I'm not about to 
> power it up without checking EVERYTHING first. I'm also missing the 
> funny 3-pin and 6-pin molex-like connectors used to supply power to 
> the pcb and the spindle motor, if anyone has any spares.
Argh, of course. 50 pins, terminators, it must be SCSI or SASI. well, 
that makes hooking it up more interesting for sure...

Jonathan Gevaryahu

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