DG Tapes: Nova Fortran IV

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Did you check with Bruce Ray at http://www.simulogics.com/

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> Hi folks,
> It seems to me that self-hosting 16-bit compilers for old minicomputers 
> are very thin on the ground. Yet from my viewpoint they are interesting 
> and worth preserving, because they are a good demonstration of what 
> could be achieved using fairly limited hardware.
> Recently, I've been looking at the Data General RDOS Fortran IV compiler 
> manual. It seems a  very comprehensive version of the language, and it's 
> actually Fortran '66 with some extensions, and looks very practical. 
> However, the standard RDOS images for SIMH don't come with the Fortran 
> compiler, only assembler.
> Here are the only two references I've found on the net for the Fortran 
> IV tapes:
> http://www.chookfest.net/nova3/paper-tapes.html
> http://www.ludd.luth.se/~ragge/nova/swdocs.html
> How easy would it be to get these tapes transcribed; dumped onto an RDOS 
> disk and made available for SIMH?
> -cheers from julz @P
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