installing more memory

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at
Tue Sep 2 12:43:16 CDT 2008

Andrew Burton wrote:
> Hi, i have installed extra RAMinto my Amiga 600 before (in the trapdoor) which plugs in straight. However, plugging the extra RAM i just got for my laptop (Dell C610) requires it to be inserted into the slot at 45 degrees and then moued parallel (flat) on the pcb until you hear a click! (thats what it states in the C610 manual) Who's idea was that and are there any pitfalls i should be aware of? (other than damaging the connectors) - Andrew B (via mobile)

That's just the way that SIMM/DIMM connectors work.  If you look at the 
edge of the slot you'll see that there are two fingers, one at either 
side, with a sort of a tapered hook at the end.  This latches the memory 
down flat.

It's mechanically very strong, and rarely presents a problem unless you 
damage it in some way (forcing memory in the wrong way, pouring liquids 
into it, sandblasting it, drilling holes in it, etc).


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