Tube machine restoration (was Schematics of Atanasoff-Berry Computer logic circuits?)

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On Tuesday 02 September 2008, William Donzelli wrote:
> >  Not really. Johnniac, WISC, and the G15 are the closest to being
> > complete but none would be a restoration candidate since current
> > CHM restoration guidelines state that a restoration would not
> > occur if a machine is one of a kind, or there is only one in the
> > collection (G15).
> I can certainly understand the one-of-a-kind constraint, but if
> another REAL museum gets a similar machine, do you think CHM would
> change its mind? For example, if the Smithsonian Institution were
> to own the G-15 it currently has on (permanent) loan, would that
> count, knowing that they will never restore it?
> If the drum is good, a G-15 probably would not be all that hard to
> get running. Providing birds did not shit all over it.

The CHM Restoration Committee, some CHM PDP-1/IBM 1620 Restoration 
Team Members (including myself) have a G-15 in the "short list" in 
their thinking regarding potential restorations. There's plenty of 
software available for the G-15 - and the project is a lot less 
demanding than the DEC PDP-1, IBM 1401 and IBM 1620 projects we have 
or are tackling.

If we obtained an additional G-15 from another source, that would 
certainly be a factor in making such a decision.

However, by necessity, the restoration selection process at the CHM is 
complex - as it has to take into consideration everything from 
exhibit plans, demo requirements, educational value, availability of 
staff, team leadership, volunteers, etc...


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