Paper tapes+rubber bands+30 yrs = mess

Chris Halarewich halarewich at
Wed Sep 3 11:54:15 CDT 2008

translated Benzina=gasoline

On 9/3/08, Alexandre Souza <alexandre-listas at> wrote:
> Has anyone dealt with this kind of cleanup before?  What are my best
>> options for solvents to get rid of what's left of the rubber without
>> damaging the tapes too much more?
>   Chris, I'm pretty sure you can clean (very carefully with a picker and a
> swab) these tapes with "Benzina". I don't know how it is called in English.
> Maybe "white spirits" or something like that. It dissolves rubber (even very
> old rubber) and cleans the paper without attacking the paper fibers. But be
> VERY careful. It is toxic.
>   Greetz from Brazil
>   Alexandre
>   PS: Now that is something I never tried to make - a paper reader. Must be
> a fun weekend project :oD

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