vac tubes / was Re: Schematics of Atanasoff-Berry

William Blair wbblair3 at
Wed Sep 3 22:15:33 CDT 2008

> > Can't get much cheaper than effectively free for a
> well regulated, high current DC power supply using a
> modified PC power supply that isn't otherwise being
> used.  Plus, the idea of using tubes with 5V filaments
> instead of 6.3/12.6V reduces the competition with typical
> audio tube customers and makes the use of a high-current
> 5VDC supply possible.
> For a few bucks, you could get a 5 Volt transformer with a
> decent
> current rating of 10 Amps, and not have to worry about the
> number of
> tubes you need to feed for a while.
> Filament transformers come in many voltages other than 6.3.

I'm just working with what I have on hand.  And I plan to use the PC power supply for other purposes, too.


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