OT: Linux and OpenOffice

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>Tony Mori wrote:
> This will not turn into a pro/con sucks/doesn't suck discussion, as I am 
> sure that horse was beaten beyond dead long ago...
> This is just a req to ask for what people are running out there, as a 
> suggestion for what I should try.
>My wife and young children have found Ubuntu 8.04.1's desktop very easy 
>to pick up and use; in fact, my wife has switched to it full-time, and 
>only reboots into Windows when she needs to fill her iPod, then boots 
>back into Ubuntu.

Ubuntu looks pretty nice, even just the 'LiveCD' session i tried...

I booted up gOS beta 3, and it looks an awfuuuuul lot like Ubuntu...I assume there's some cross-breeding there
My WiFi worked on the Ubuntu LiveCD session, but does not under gOS LiveCD...

The old-school distros as nice as these out-of-box? Like Debian/Slackware/Suse/etc... ?

I'm starting an install of Ubuntu as we speak

Now, Jim, before I go digging, wasn't it you that mentioned some extra proggies for running games?
Was that to use std win games under *nix?


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