BBC Doomsday System

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Sun Sep 7 15:59:03 CDT 2008

Jason Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Hi All,

ltns... hope all is well!

> We have one that partially works but we're not getting musch joy from
> the Laserdisc Player. It spins up and the head makes 'squeeky' noises as
> it moves across the disc but the BBC Master does nothing ... Just sits
> trying to boot from the VFS ...

Have you got the manuals? I seem to recall the master's picky about its nvram 
config in a Domesday setup (and you'll need ctrl-shift-q-break to boot the 
disc - various other key combinations can make it look like its doing 
something but eventually lead to a VFS error)

I've got nearly all of my Domesday documentation scanned here - but sadly with 
the exception of the player's service manual (that's stuck in storage back in 
England and I didn't get time to scan it before I left).

I can't remember which disc you need right now (CAV or CLV), but if you power 
the unit up from cold with both standby and eject held down and with one or 
the other disc type in then the player should just jump to diag mode and will 
show you on-screen any major and minor fault codes. I *think* I've got a note 
of the fault codes here, even though I don't have the service manual with me - 
I can go digging if needs be. Obviously being able to see the fault codes 
requires a stable display, though :-)

> Also, the picture on the monitor just rolls (left to right) fairly
> slowly, so there seems to be a sync problem.

Hmm, duff video lead possibly - will either of the discs play and give a 
stable picture with just the player connected and no beeb? What about picture 
from the composite output - is that stable? I'd get the standalone player 
going first, then worry about the genlock / SCSI operation.

The player's a work of art, but notorious for dry joints, PCB interconnect 
problems, broken disc tray microswitches, and the little felt pads coming off 
the disc tray (the glue seems to fail after so many years) and fouling things 
up. A general inspection and re-seating of boards can work wonders, not to 
mention that cleaning the lens...



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