Datasheet for Intel 1103 DRAM?

Pete Turnbull pete at
Mon Sep 8 18:14:16 CDT 2008

On 08/09/2008 23:36, Josh Dersch wrote:
> Anyone have a copy of this in digital format?  Can't find this on the 'net.

Not the data sheet, but it's listed in my 1976 data book...

> Trying to work out what voltages the power supply in the ND-821 is 
> supposed to put out.  From testing,  it looks like 5v, 18v, and 24v.  

Pin 11 is Vdd:  Vdd = 0V
Pin 17 is Vss:  Vss = 16V +/- 5%
Pin 10 is Vbb:  Vbb - Vss = 3V to 4V

1103-1 (faster version) and 1103A (enhanced, needs no precharge) are the 

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