Does anyone have an electronic copy of the "OS/8 SoftwareSupportManual"?

Rich Alderson RichA at
Mon Sep 8 20:33:21 CDT 2008

> From: Vincent Slyngstad
> Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 5:59 PM

>> I have my sbc6120 here and wanted to do a little OS/8
>> programming, but I think I'm stumped for a particular bit of
>> doco - according to the "OS/8 System Reference Manual"
>> (DEC-8-OSRMA-A-D), the User Service Routine is documented in
>> the "OS/8 Software Support Manual" (DEC-8-OSSMA-A-D).  I've
>> found many OS/8 docs on Highgate and Bitsavers
>> (DEC-S8-OSSMB-A-D, the 1974 "OS/8 Handbook", memos, etc.), but
>> not that exact one.

> I also have lots of OSSMB but no OSSMA.

>> The reason why it matters is that if you want to do file I/O,
>> directory lookups, etc., you use the USR.  For stuff that
>> doesn't depend on OS/8 filesystem operations, there's plenty
>> of info out there for FORTRAN, BASIC, FOCAL, assembler, etc.
>> Imagine trying to program in UNIX without knowing how to setup
>> and call stdio routines.  That's kinda where I'm at.  I've
>> found one or two narrow examples where some code fragments
>> call the USR for a particular function, but I really just need
>> the Software Support Manual.

> OSSMB has some stuff about USR in chapter 2, and Appendix F has
> some code examples of how to do the usual stuff.

> Was there additional information in OSSMA?

I have access to hardcopy of two editions, at the computer room.
I'll check tomorrow and let everyone know.

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