Suggestions for cleaning hundreds of socketed chips?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Fri Sep 12 02:16:37 CDT 2008

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>> You mustn't have read the thread.
>> This machine is wire wrapped.  Replacing the sockets would be
>> tantamount to building the boards from scratch.
> You're right that I haven't been following this thread... Still, my 
> comment stands.  I don't think I'd consider it any more work to replace 
> WW ones and re-wrap them than if they were soldered onto a PCB 
> (especially if it has multiple layers), as long as you have some sort 
> of schematice/wire list.  If you wanted to be creative, you could 
> probably cut the pins off the old sockets (or disassemble the sockets 
> to get the pins out), and figure out how to replace the sockets 
> (soldering new ones onto the old pins) without having to re-wrap 
> everything.
> Pat
Whew.  I dunno if I want to tackle that just yet.  I have a schematic 
set but no wire-list... not sure it'd really be worth the effort to 
completely rebuild the board... I don't even have any actual software to 
run on this thing (except for what I feel like toggling into the front 
panel) once I get it running :). 

But I'll keep it in mind.  Thanks!

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