substitute tube for DEC VR201?

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Fri Sep 12 19:41:07 CDT 2008

On Friday (09/12/2008 at 02:52PM -0700), Eric Smith wrote:
> No, I used to routinely see piles of them in surplus outfits in Colorado, 
> Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.  They weren't huge piles, so I was 
> exaggerating a bit, but they definitely weren't at all difficult to find.

I'd venture that many of the surplus houses dumped them and many other
kinds of CRTs while they could still do it for free.  Now, it can cost
as much as the CRT did new to dispose of them.

Thanks to all who responded on the tube substitution question.  I'll
do some more research and see if I can identify a tube that will fit.

I'm also toying with the idea of fitting an LCD into a VR201 cabinet
and although it wouldn't be authentic, it would sure make the system
more useable.

I also have the option of using an RGBHV to SVGA converter along with the
Rainbow color graphics card to get output on an LCD but that doesn't seem
as attractive as the little VR201 with the "digital" logo at the bottom.


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