PDP 8/E OS8 Boot Floppy and Diagnostics images?

djg at pdp8.net djg at pdp8.net
Sat Sep 20 19:14:26 CDT 2008

   You can dump and restore RX01 and RK05 images over the console port with
my dump/restore programs 

For diagnostic images a good collection is at

Also any of the .SV or .DG files at
http://www.pdp8online.com/images/index.shtml can be converted back to
BIN file to load with bin loader, click on the file name and select
convert to BIN loader format. Use the search to find the image with
the correct file.
I have some I have converted for my testing here (dhrkch, dhrkae, dhrkbg)
Writeups for the maindecs at http://www.pdp8online.com/query_docs/query.shtml

The images from the online archive above plus some non os/8 that
can't be displayed online are also available from

I think some of the OS/8 RX01's will work fine for you. Not positive
which have the paper tape reader driver.  You can check with resorc and
either my online 8/E or simh if you want to verify before restoring
an image.

If your rk05's have interesting stuff not on the online images I
would like to get a image.

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