need manuals (and additional 'wares) for THE CANON AS-100

Chris M chrism3667 at
Sun Sep 21 13:47:54 CDT 2008

Yes finally made the ride up to Lake George, NY. It was a lot more painless then I suspected. The thing could have EASILY been shipped though, I don't know what this guy's problem was. Regardless though, it's in nice shape, is COLOR, and includes the 8" floppy box.

 No manuals. Some software on 5 1/4" and 8" disks (some of these disks may be 160k's though - hope ID can handle them <think so>). Haven't looked at any of that yet. There is a site out there (German I think) that has a good assortment of s/w, but no FORTRAN or COBOL I don't think.

 Anyhoo, need manuals and whatever other intangibles I can get my hands on. Digital camera repro's are fine (they're nice and quick).

 The guy was of the persuasion that this thing had 32k of ram. I said no way. And I was right - it has 512k. So being some of his information is of dubious value, I need to ask whether anyone can confirm or deny that this thing was available in Japan before the 5150 was. My guess is no.

 Was cp/m-86 available before the Peecee came out? 


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