Spoken for: apollo Domain Documents

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Sep 23 06:42:03 CDT 2008

Mark Tapley wrote:
> To interested folks,
>     Spoken for (already). I'll re-post if this doesn't work out, but I 
> think that's unlikely.
Would someone be scanning and archiving these for bitsavers or
somewhere else ?

My (sleeping) interest in Apollos has awaken and I'm noticing
a lack of software/docs/hardware.  I contacted my old school that
had a ton of Apollo stuff to see if any of it was still floating around
for rescue... but between that not being a priority and me probably
contacting them many years too late, it appears that most if not all
of it was likely recycled... too bad too... it would have included
3 DN3XX series (with external HD/8" floppy), a multitude of DN3000,
some DN3500, and a DN10000.   Sigh....

-- Curt

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