PDP-11/23 available in Vancouver

Boris Gimbarzevsky borisg at unixg.ubc.ca
Tue Sep 23 15:59:41 CDT 2008

I'm in the process of moving and have to get rid of my Minc system.  I'd 
love to keep this machine but maintenance of domestic harmony necessitates 
going to newer (ie considerably smaller) embedded systems for data 
acquisition.  The complete package consists of:
   MINC - 11/23 + 512 Kb RAM + A/D, D/A, Clock and lots of expansion room 
in the box which is in the orginal rack mount and on wheels for "portability"
   2 RL02 disk drives
   2 RX02 floppy drives (1 mounted with Minc + 1 spare)
   About 10 or so RL02 disk packs
   1 large box 8" floppy disk boxes
   Several boxes of Minc manuals as well as a set of RT11 manuals

Depending on the home situation, I might have to throw in another 2 smaller 
11/23 systems and a large box of 11/23 boards of various kinds.

Whoever wants this can have it for free but the deal is you have to come 
and pick it up and also take all of the materials.

The last time I had this system running was in 1993 when it worked just 
fine as a data acquisition front end for my Mac and room heater.  It hasn't 
been powered up since and I can't guarantee that the power supplies will 
still work.

I've taken photos of the system and will post them on my website once I 
have time.    I'm hoping to be out of Vancouver by the end of October so 
would like to find a new home for this system by them.

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Boris Gimbarzevsky

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