AST Hot Shot/286 manual/info?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Wed Sep 24 19:02:05 CDT 2008

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> Hmmm, probably.  I can't imagine that running an 8088 at the end of a 
> length of 40-conductor ribbon cable with the crosstalk and ringing 
> that would accompany it would be very reliable.  Most likely a 
> subassembly that plugs into the 8088 socket, with the 8088 plugging 
> into that.

I have a SOTA board with the following setup:

- Socket for the original 8088
- 40-pin ribbon cable that ends in a 40-pin "cpu" interface that goes 
from the add-in board (40-pin linear) to the motherboard (40-pin "plug")
- Socket for an 8087

Hopefully this helps the OP.
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