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I agree with Gordon. Put in a 0.1 uFd disc ceramic cap ( from any Radio
Shack or equiv. ) and you'll be fine. In the unlikely event you can't find
one let me know offline and I'll mail you one.

Best regards, Steven

> Jonathan Katz wrote:
> > Hi everyone!
> >
> > I'm in the process of reviving an Atari pong system circa 1975. It's
> > actually a tele-games pong (Sears branded.) All the circuitry is Atari,
> > of course.
> >
> > Can anyone point me in the right directions for schematics for this
> > beastie? Does anyone even have one and can just tell me what resistor or
> > cap or other fun toy is missing from C15 in this admittedly huge
> >
> > http://www.showyourmedia.com/files/1222309713.JPG
> >
> > Thank you!
> >
> Probably another little disc ceramic.  It looks like one end goes to
> ground, so it's either some sort of decoupling or for very crude
> debouncing.  Draw out the circuit around that bit of the board, and see
> where it goes.  My first guess would be another one the same as C14.
> I bet it's not hugely critical.
> Gordon

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