SCSI to IDE bridges...

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Sep 25 11:23:21 CDT 2008

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 25 Sep 2008 at 7:46, Doc Shipley wrote:
>>    I don't know, although I would bet on the CF card handling more 
>> cycles than an 8" floppy.  I thought you were talking about currently 
>> available media, and that's not even a contest.
> No, it's a really practical question.  Overall, would CF operating as 
> in the new primary mass storage device a system that was floppy-only, 
> provide the same service life as a floppy?  Think machine tools, 
> textile equipment, CNC tools, lab equipment, etc.
> What's the failure mode of CF?  Is it "all at once" or "bits and 
> pieces" like a floppy?

   My experience is that the failure characteristics are very close to 
an IDE disk.  A few bad sectors show up, moving very quickly to 
pervasive failure.

   To address the actual question, I think yes, CF is a better low-end 
alternative to floppy.  (I personally prefer spinning storage, absent 
vibration problems or thermal dissipation issues.)

   High-end, there are some really swank industrial solid-state drive 


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