SCSI to IDE bridges...

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Sep 25 11:41:42 CDT 2008

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 25 Sep 2008 at 17:31, Alexander Schreiber wrote:
>> That however, has one problem: it makes the setup a lot more special.
>> With the above steps, you can just run it like any other Linux setup.
> Fine; would you run such as setup as a mailserver?  Are there Linuces 
> that will perform write-cycle leveling?  If I only need a few hundred 
> MB to operate, I can throw in a 32GB CF card and be very happy if the 
> system performs leveling.

   Wikipedia claims that CF cards do internal wear leveling, which 
matches my memory.

   There are a couple of flash-storage-oriented filesystems available 
for Linux.  JFFS2 is the only one I'm familiar with, and it does 
primitive write-cycle leveling.  If I remember right, it does this 
mostly by writing out dirty pages to a new block rather than updating 
the existing block.


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