HP9836C colour alignment (grey scale tracking)

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Sat Sep 27 12:05:23 CDT 2008

>> Well, apparently only in Great Britain since in Germany, we call that 
>> 'screen grid', too. Only the final anode is called anode.
> Waht, even in CRTs?
> In the UK, the electrodes of a pentode -- a signal ampiifying valve are : 
> cathode, control grid, screen grid, supressor grid, anode.
> But for a CRT they're cathode, (control) grid, first anod, second (or 
> focus) anode, somethimes third anode and final anode.
>> All other electrodes in a normal tube besides the cathode are called 
>> 'control grid' (or just grid), 'screen grid', 'supressor grid' and so on. 
> Are you seriously saying that in Germany, the focus electrode in a CRT is 
> called a 'supressor grid'?

Are you sure you two aren't talking at cross purposes?  The biggest 
difference between UK and US English here is probably Tube (US) = Valve 
(UK).  The usual German word for a thermionic valve, die Rohre, 
literally means "reed", and I think it is also used for "tube" or "pipe" 
in a lot of other contexts.

So I suspect that second paragraph translates as "All other electrodes 
in a normal valve besides the cathode are called..."  In the UK, when we 
call a valve a "tube", we almost always mean specifically a CRT, and not 
any old valve.

(On the other hand, the German manufacturers call the huge thyristor 
arrays that form high power solid state switches for transmission 
systems "valves" in their English brochures.  I'm not sure what German 
word they use.)


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