Fwd: [CPLUG] OT: Free: Computer Automation I100 UNIX terminal

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Sun Sep 28 12:14:51 CDT 2008

This guy is local to me and I know where he is,  he mentions Tuesday as being 
his deadline,  but if there's some interest I can probably get a hold of it 
and deal with it from there.  I would be willing to pack and ship if somebody 
wants it enough to cover my expenses "and a bit".  Feel free to contact me 

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Subject: [CPLUG] OT: Free: Computer Automation I100 UNIX terminal
Date: Sunday 28 September 2008 12:46
From: Chris Moates <six at mox.net>
To: cplug at cplug.net

I've got this UNIX terminal lying around, which is going to the big
computer graveyard in the sky unless someone wants it. Here's a picture:


And here's what I know about it:

Computer Automation I100 Workstation
40MB Hard Drive
5.25" Floppy Drive
Green screen monitor
Boots, works, root can log in with no password
Has AUI ethernet jack on the back

If you want it, let me know and make arrangements to come pick it up,
since we're not having another CPLUG meeting for 2 months. Otherwise,
it's on the curb on Tuesday. :)


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