IBM RS/6000 Help / advice wanted

Doc Shipley doc at
Mon Sep 29 22:53:25 CDT 2008

Lyle Bickley wrote:
> On Monday 29 September 2008, John S wrote:
>> Can anyone advise what to try, or a list of what the LED numbers
>> mean? Should for example the external SCSI connector have a
>> terminator?
> See the above. I've been able to get just about every RS/6000 I've 
> obtained working. IBM Hardware and Software produces lots (perhaps 
> way too much) debugging information ;-)

   Two things that are probably farther down the road than you're getting:

   A DEC 3W-BNC video cable is wired opposite IBM's - if it's DEC or DEC 
compatible, red will go to blue and vice versa.

   Second, when you get the OS to boot, it's likely to stop at LED code 
581 for a very long time.  It's looking for a nameserver.  That'll 
eventually time out, but it takes long enough that folks often thing 
it's hung.

   If you can tell us what the code is where it stops, that would go a 
long way toward finding your problem.


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