Silicon Graphics files for Chap 11 and is sold to Rackable for $25 Million

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Wed Apr 1 15:46:13 CDT 2009

Chuck Guzis wrote:
>> I would say to keep it confined to older corporations that made
>> general purpose computers a long time ago, and still make  general
>> purpose computers today (and by that I would mean anything from micros
>> to supers).
> More to the point, who of the original "Snow White and the Seven 
> Dwarfs" still survives?  Snow White, of course, but how many of the 
> seven little guys are still in business making general-purpose 
> computers? (Burroughs, CDC, GE, Honeywell, NCR, RCA and Univac).   

Burroughs + Univac (Sperry) = Unisys

CDC was chopped up.  Some of the pieces survive.  They switched from 
high-performance computing to storage sometime in the '80s, and that 
group became Imprimis, which was bought out by Seagate at some point. 
Their business services division still exists and is called Ceridian, I 
believe.  Their financial services division became Travelers Group (as 
in Travelers Insurance), which is now Citigroup (as in the gigantic 
bank).  (Although the insurance-specific businesses were spun back off 
at some point.  Suitness.)

GE and Honeywell's computer businesses were sold to Groupe Bull, where 
they survive.  They still make a very small number of traditional 
mainframes, but most of their customers now use systems under emulation 
on Itanium processors.  (Bull NovaScale)

NCR exited the computer business not all that long ago, while they were 
still an AT&T division, I believe.

RCA abandoned their computers and sold the division to Sperry sometime 
in the early '70s.

Peace...  Sridhar

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