I [don't] hate E-Bay (was Cromemco 68000 on ebay)

Rick Murphy rick at rickmurphy.net
Wed Apr 1 21:30:19 CDT 2009

At 07:52 PM 3/30/2009, Chuck Guzis wrote:
>Money orders are designed as "bearer" instruments, which is why your
>bank doesn't like them.  A cashier's or certified check is far safer--
>the check can be verified with a telephone call.  Not so with a money

Before accepting this advice, please plug "fake cashiers check" into 

Cashier's checks and certified checks are no better than any other type 
of check, and are frequently fraudulent these days.
US banking laws work against us as banks are required to make the funds 
available in a small number of days while it may take months for a bad 
check to be detected.

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