Text differences (Was: The VAX is running

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Sun Apr 5 17:17:06 CDT 2009

> New-line is not really standardized.
> Although the machines may all claim to be using ASCII,
> newline may be represented by
> CR LF,
> CR,
> LF,
> or LF CR (rarest)

Or none of those.  VMS and PDP-11 operating systems that use RMS often
use sequential variable length record format, in which each record
starts with a byte count followed by data, but no end of line character.
The record boundary is end of line.  OS/360 does the same thing.

Then there were the CDC 60-bit operating systems, where EOL is defined
as a 60-bit word ending in 2 or more 6-bit characters of 00.


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