The VAX is running

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Mon Apr 6 15:02:03 CDT 2009

Well, I'm 29 (30 this year!) and although I'm not a professional programmer I do pick up things on this list which I add to my 'something to learn' list.
I can't say I'll know how to do it before I hit 30 (September) as I have too many other projects going right now, but I'll see if I can learn how to do it before I hit 31!

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On 6 Apr 2009 at 12:34, Richard wrote:

> Its not a lost art because several of these algorithms are documented
> in Knuth's Art of Computer Programming. 

So, pull a programmer under 30 at random from his desk and ask him to 
write a polyphase merge sort optimized for 8 tapes.

An art may still be lost in practice even if there's literature 
around describing it.


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