A few free items

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Mon Apr 6 17:31:28 CDT 2009

Mike Maginnis wrote:
> A few items to give away.
> I came across a box of stuff as I was cleaning out the server room.
> Might be of interest to someone, might not.  I'd prefer local pickup
> (Denver, CO area), but could be persuaded to ship if you cover S/H.
> * Unknown board from "The Palantir Corporation" (c) 1988 - has a
> Motorola 68020.  16-bit ISA.  Maybe a co-processor board?

I designed that card, and one and a half of the three ASICs (at LSI 
logic) that are on it.  I'm surprised it says Plantir; I thought we were 
called Calera Recognition Systems by then.

The card was for OCR; $2000 new.  When the classiccmp archives are back 
online, you can search it and there is a long message or two where I 
describe how we configured these cards, even multiple cards in one 
system, without having any jumpers.  It is child's play on PCI, but ISA 
bus had no mechanism to make it easy.

I spent a lot more time debugging flaky boards than I spent designing 
it.  It wasn't that the design was bad, but we made about 300 
boards/month and there is always some fallout.  At $2000/pop, it was 
worth my time (at $35K/yr) to the company to sit and debug them.

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