PLM86 compiler needed

Jeff Erwin jefferwin at
Mon Apr 6 12:12:43 CDT 2009

I purchased the Godbout 85/88 card for my Imsai 8080, seems to be working
fine so far, although
not at 5Mhz. I must have a memory card that can't handle the blazing 5 Mhz

I am looking for a PLM86 compiler. I have the PLM80 compiler and
(if anyone needs this, please let me know) but am struggling finding the
compiler and associated linker/locator. I am currently loading code into my
system via a HEX loader I wrote and sending the hex file in via the serial
from my Mac Pro (yes, a $5000 quad-processor computer serving as a dumb
to my 2Mhx 8080).

I want to be able to write PLM86 code and do the same for the 8088 on the
GodBout card.

Anyone know where I can find PLM86?

Jeff Erwin

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