I [don't] hate E-Bay (was Cromemco 68000 on ebay)

Dan Gahlinger dgahling at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 14 07:25:06 CDT 2009

My favorite of *ALL* time, is the Playstation 3 *BOX* that went for $5,000.00 USD$ No Joke!
yep, a box. empty cardboard box.

the ad on flebay was riddled with giant red and flashing letters saying "this is *ONLY* a box!"
there's no way you could miss it. sold for 5 grand...

and another item (worth maybe $100) went for 14 grand....

stupid people, oh yeah.


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> you know in all fairness, there are only so many promises even ePay can keep. If someone is unaware, or rather just unprepared to deal w/some risk, uh well, too bad ya big baby. And moreover if you're inclined to believe their line of bull, you're worse off then that.
>  In truth though, I've had B-E-T-T-E-R transactions from dealings off of eBay. You do the analysis. It's true. I'm sorry but it's true. Too often (and this is going back years and years, not just recently) someone will put some piece of crap on eBay, and watch the bidding go up, up, and away. The temptation is too much the next time they chance upon some piece of crap left out in the trash. And there's this layer of insulation where you don't have to face the buyer. You can assuage your conscience by saying the bidder just didn't ask enough questions.
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> > First, re: "I hate [ebay] because it defrauded me in 2005", that is,
> > in all probability, BS.  E-Bay didn't defraud you, the other party
> > (buyer or seller) did.
> But if ebay makes promises which it doesn't keep - such as promising to
> protect each party against the other - then that too is fraudulent.
> (Whether ebay does make such promises I don't know, but I've certainly
> seen enough stories to make me think it doesn't deliver if so.)
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